5 Reasons to Bring Your

Business to Watauga County


1. Location-Location-Location!

2.  Education Focus

3. Culture of Entrepreneurship

& Creativity

4. Outstanding Quality of Life

5. Hub of Northwestern NC


Watauga County Office of

Economic Development 

Above and Beyond

Jim's Corner Furniture

15,000 ft. of showroom space


Broyhill • La-Z-Boy • Lane

Catnapper • Serta iComfort

Craftmaster • Motion Beds 

Lift Chairs • Capel Rugs 

Cabin Lamps


-6 miles from West Jefferson-

160 Northwest School Rd.


Warrensville, NC


Be the HOST 

with the MOST

for your New Year's Party




bring the




Click to learn more or



Wren's Nest Landscaping


We are hiring several positions:


Landscape Foreman- Driver's

license and experience required


Garden Center Assistants


Landscape Laborer



Call today for info and all of

your landscape needs.



$206,900 - 4/3 in Mtn City



Avoid High Commission Brokers


NC Lic# 226548-TN Lic#300788

15 Years Experience


Click to See More Info


Alternative Realty  

Jane Werner @ 828-719-6077  

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 Regional Roundup for October 16, 2019

StationTempHighLowWind SpeedWind GustPrecpLast Update
Asheville52.3 °F65.4 °F52.3 °FNE @ 4 mph19 mph0.06 in8:36 pm
Asheville Airport55 °F66.9 °F55 °FN @ 15 mph23 mph0.07 in8:00 pm
Asheville UNCA51.8 °F62.3 °F51.8 °FW @ 9 mph17 mph0.08 in8:37 pm
Black Mountain51 °F63.3 °F51 °FWSW @ 8 mph20 mph0.00 in8:41 pm
Weaverville51.6 °F62.4 °F51.6 °FNNE @ 1 mph8 mph0.07 in8:40 pm
Jefferson46.2 °F58 °F46.2 °FS @ 1 mph17 mph0.49 in8:32 pm
Laurel Ridge44.9 °F58.6 °F44.9 °FN @ 24 mph41 mph0.00 in8:44 pm
Phillips Gap47.2 °F61.3 °F47.2 °FWNW @ 5 mph8 mph0.24 in8:36 pm
Warrensville46.1 °F57.3 °F46 °FWNW @ 0 mph9 mph0.45 in8:44 pm
West Jefferson46.5 °F59.1 °F46.5 °FNW @ 14 mph30 mph0.43 in8:38 pm
Banner Elk44.1 °F57.6 °F44.1 °FNNW @ 5 mph12 mph0.40 in8:34 pm
Beech Mountain36.2 °F51.4 °F36.2 °FN @ 12 mph12 mph0.45 in8:34 pm
Crossnore Not Reporting
Elk River East46.1 °F57.8 °F46.1 °FNW @ 5 mph5 mph0.06 in8:39 pm
Elk River West45.2 °F57.7 °F45.2 °FWNW @ 12 mph25 mph0.00 in8:42 pm
Linville43.5 °F57.3 °F43.5 °FENE @ 2 mph9 mph0.00 in8:40 pm
Linville Land Harbor Not Reporting
Linville Ridge39.3 °F53.7 °F39.3 °FENE @ 9 mph32 mph0.27 in8:39 pm
Newland44.6 °F61.3 °F44.6 °FNE @ 13 mph17 mph0.26 in8:42 pm
Seven Devils43.7 °F56.5 °F43.7 °FSE @ 5 mph12 mph0.00 in8:37 pm
Sugar Mountain41.6 °F57.2 °F41.6 °FW @ 15 mph28 mph0.29 in8:35 pm
Sugar Mountain Top35.6 °F51.1 °F35.5 °FNNE @ 22 mph30 mph0.31 in8:42 pm
Aho-Sorrento42.8 °F56.6 °F42.8 °FWSW @ 12 mph12 mph0.10 in8:41 pm
Appalachian Ski Mtn42.3 °F56.6 °F42.3 °FNNW @ 8 mph24 mph0.17 in8:38 pm
Blackberry49.2 °F62.7 °F49.2 °FNNW @ 6 mph17 mph0.14 in8:38 pm
Boone46.8 °F57.7 °F46.8 °FWNW @ 18 mph32 mph0.24 in8:37 pm
Deep Gap Not Reporting
Grandfather Vyd46.8 °F59.1 °F46.8 °FESE @ 2 mph14 mph0.20 in8:41 pm
Powder Horn Mountain52.5 °F65.1 °F52.5 °FN @ 6 mph15 mph0.00 in8:43 pm
Seven Devils43.7 °F56.5 °F43.7 °FS @ 0 mph12 mph0.00 in8:41 pm
Sky Valley42.6 °F55 °F42.6 °FW @ 12 mph28 mph0.14 in8:37 pm
Snake Mountain37.4 °F54.2 °F37.4 °FN @ 23 mph28 mph0.51 in8:35 pm
The Blowing Rock43.9 °F55.4 °F43.9 °FN @ 25 mph53 mph0.14 in8:38 pm
Valle Crucis Not Reporting
Watauga High47.1 °F57.7 °F47.1 °FNNW @ 4 mph22 mph0.33 in8:30 pm
Zionville45.6 °F58 °F45.6 °FWNW @ 3 mph9 mph0.55 in8:42 pm
Burnsville (Hawk Branch)47.8 °F58.4 °F-39.3 °FNE @ 10 mph22 mph0.27 in8:39 pm
Galax49 °F57.3 °F49 °FW @ 7 mph10 mph0.34 in8:37 pm
Independence46.3 °F60.6 °F46.3 °FWSW @ 5 mph10 mph0.00 in8:32 pm
Twin Co. Airport47.7 °F55.6 °F47.7 °FWNW @ 29 mph44 mph1.08 in8:21 pm
Floydfest43.5 °F56.4 °F43.5 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in8:41 pm
Galax48.8 °F57.3 °F48.8 °FW @ 6 mph17 mph0.34 in8:43 pm
Independence46.3 °F60.6 °F46.3 °FNW @ 6 mph15 mph0.00 in8:38 pm
Whitetop45.6 °F56.2 °F45.4 °FNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in8:31 pm
Asheville Airport55 °F66.9 °F55 °FN @ 15 mph23 mph0.07 in8:00 pm
Hendersonville52.8 °F67.9 °F52.8 °FNW @ 9 mph11 mph0.13 in8:42 pm
Hickory57 °F69.6 °F55 °FW @ 0 mph9 mph0.34 in8:29 pm
Hickory Airport57 °F69.1 °F55 °FNW @ 14 mph22 mph0.52 in8:00 pm
Blackberry49.3 °F62.7 °F49.2 °FW @ 8 mph17 mph0.14 in8:42 pm
Lenoir59.6 °F59.6 °F59 °FS @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in8:37 pm
Morganton-Lenoir Airport57.2 °F68.2 °F52.3 °FW @ 5 mph5 mph0.59 in8:20 pm
Old Fort58 °F71.8 °F57.9 °FSSW @ 0 mph11 mph0.28 in8:44 pm
Bakersville51.6 °F60.9 °F51.6 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in8:40 pm
Spruce Pine49.5 °F60.7 °F49.5 °FWSW @ 3 mph16 mph0.14 in8:36 pm
Morganton58.6 °F68.5 °F58 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.05 in8:34 pm
Morganton-Lenoir Airport57.2 °F68.2 °F52.3 °FW @ 5 mph5 mph0.59 in8:20 pm
Laurel Ridge44.9 °F58.6 °F44.9 °FN @ 41 mph41 mph0.00 in8:43 pm
Roaring Gap44.9 °F57.2 °F44.9 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.24 in8:37 pm
Sparta45.6 °F57.8 °F45.6 °FNW @ 13 mph15 mph0.41 in8:40 pm
North Surry55 °F65.9 °F52.9 °FSW @ 2 mph7 mph0.08 in8:30 pm
Surry Co. Airport55.4 °F65.5 °F52.9 °FNW @ 15 mph23 mph0.00 in8:40 pm
Waynesville51.4 °F64.3 °F51.4 °FE @ 6 mph6 mph0.11 in8:42 pm
Laurel Ridge45.1 °F58.6 °F45 °FN @ 25 mph25 mph0.00 in8:41 pm
North Wilkesboro53.9 °F64.5 °F53.2 °FNNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.46 in8:44 pm
Phillips Gap47.1 °F61.3 °F47.1 °FNW @ 10 mph25 mph0.24 in8:40 pm
Roaring River62.5 °F72.6 °F53.4 °FW @ 8 mph8 mph0.00 in8:40 pm
Wilkes Airport53.6 °F64.4 °F51.8 °FW @ 6 mph6 mph0.00 in8:20 pm
Wolf Laurel39.1 °F52.2 °F39.1 °FNNW @ 13 mph27 mph0.02 in8:40 pm
Wytheville Not Reporting